Sphere by Horizen upgrades are here! Download Sphere by Horizen v1.2.4-beta

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The latest Sphere by Horizen update improves the functionality and usability of our flagship application.


Sphere by Horizen is constantly evolving to support community feedback and new features. We want to thank everyone who sent us bug reports, upgrade suggestions, and new feature ideas. We seek to consistently improve our products to suit the community. 


Horizen  v1.2.3-beta Features


The latest version focuses on usability and functionality. The following is included in the upgrade.

  • Improvements in the “refresh data from blockchain” functionality: 
    • Added a new progress bar to inform the user on the ongoing process
    • Optimized the http calls to the explorer, to speed up the process and avoid the freezing of the app for wallets with a huge amount of addresses
    • Increased refresh timeout (120 second)
  • Refactor of the transaction-history table GUI component, to speed up GUI drawing in case of a big amount of transactions to display.
  • Optimization in the loading of transactions and addresses from the local DB, and avoided some useless GUI refresh on address list: the navigation of existing wallets with a lot of data has been speeded up (for example: drill down from wallet list to wallet detail and going back).
  • Optimizations in the “add new address” functionality (some info now cached, so after the first call the following ones are faster)
  • Improvements in “batch withdraw” functionality:
    • Address list now ordered with the same criteria as the wallet detail
    • Added a check on the total size of the transaction (if exceeded, an error is displayed and the transaction is not sent)


Download Sphere by Horizen v.1.2.3 today!


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