Return visit of WaykiChain (WICC) to Montenegro Government, Detailing the National-level Cooperation Intention

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On December 9th (UTC Time), WaykiChain CTO, Richard Chen paid a return visit to the Montenegro Government to deeper the potential cooperation with Montenegro. Prime Minister of Montenegro, Capital Market Authority, Ministry of Finance and Central Bank of Montenegro warmly welcomed Richard. The visit has been reported by Montenegro TV station in an exclusive interview of Richard Chen.

return visit of WaykiChain was highly valued by the government of Montenegro
since on November 4th, Chairman of Capital Markets Authority(CMA) of
Montenegro, Zoran Djikanovic, visited Shenzhen headquarters of WaykiChain.
WaykiChain was expected to provide sound assistance for Montenegro on industry
transformation and capital market financial reforms by its cutting-edge technology, innovative product and world’s leading

this rewarding overseas tour to Montenegro, WaykiChain CTO has also been
invited to deliver a informative speech in UDG(University
of Donja
Gorica. President of UDG (the former Senior Official of Yugoslav government)
who has been impressed by Richard’s insightful ideas and profound knowledge,
intended to invite Richard Chen, WaykiChain CTO, as a professor of UDG.

In this return visit, WaykiChain reached friendly consensus on strengthening cooperation projects and mechanisms related to blockchain technology and application in Montenegro. WaykiChain intends to jointly promote the application and construction of blockchain technology in Montenegro and deepen the development of relevant projects in Montenegro.

image: (Chairman of Capital Markets Authority(CMA), Zoran Djikanovic and WaykiChain CTO, Richard Chen, )

Post source: Return visit of WaykiChain (WICC) to Montenegro Government, Detailing the National-level Cooperation Intention

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