Horizen Monthly Update – August 7th, 2019

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At Horizen, we believe in transparency and value community involvement. Horizen broadcasts a monthly live stream on Youtube to keep the community update to date on project progression. As part of the live stream, the team also holds a short live Q&A session.

July Updates: 

July was an incredibly exciting month for our project. All of our teams had major news this month, including two new integrations, welcoming a new team member, a massive leap in our FCAS rating, and reaching a major milestone for our sidechains project. We can’t wait to see is in store for our team and our community next month!

Core Development:

  • Horizen’s first sidechain node is now live on Devnet! This is an exciting milestone for our project and brings us one step closer to Alpha.
  • We welcomed a new member to the Dev Team, Oleg Alesandrov
  • ZEN 2.0.18: deprecation successful! New features include check block at height safety control for orphaned blocks and update RPC method ‘getblockfinalityindex’
  • Sphere by Horizen v.1.1.2b released. Included support parsing null data transactions, compatibility with ZEN 2.0.18, and more.
  • Horizen’s public repo ramping up
  • Announced new Horizen Developer Environment in the works

Business Development: 



  • China
    • The Horizen ambassador network grew. It now includes Shanghai, Inner Mongolia, Chongqing, Beijing, Foshan, and Taiwan
    • Team Horizen joined the ‘Investment Logic of Privacy Coins’ meetup
    • Upcoming event ‘Smart China Expo’ in Chongqing
  • Latin America
    • Levis hosted a joint meetup in Long Beach, CA with BitActive
    • Angie spoke at Blockchain Summit LatAm, a major event in Mexico City!
    • Angie hosted a webinar with formacionencriptomonedas.com for their students. 
  • Central EU
    • The team spoke at the AirConnect Radio meetup in La Calmette
    • The team translated Horizen whitepapers in French
  • Eastern EU, RU, GE, & CIS
    • Country Lead, Vano, attended Blockchain Incredibile Party to network with local blockchain enthusiasts
    • Vano also did an interview with ForkLog about Horizen and Crypto in Georgia
    • Vano is attending several conferences over the next couple of months

July Live Stream Slides


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