Horizen Monthly Update – July 3rd, 2019

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At Horizen, we believe in transparency and value community involvement. Horizen broadcasts a monthly live stream on Youtube to keep the community update to date on project progression. As part of the live stream, the team also holds a short live Q&A session.


June Highlights 

The Horizen teams were all hands on deck this month. The Horizen community has grown over the last month, and we are thrilled to see new faces and old alike joining the conversation about our project and privacy, and our team and community members have really stepped up to ensure they feel welcome. 

Business Development:

  • ZEN available on Magnum Wallets
  • ZEN listed on SimpleSwap

Core Development: 

  • Sidechain Alpha release targeted for Q3 ’19
  • Further defined Sidechain test framework for the Horizen Sidechain SDK
  • Worked on the upcoming release of ZEN 2.0.18. Deprecation targeted for July 28th
  • 3,800 new Secure Nodes were added in June alone.
  • Secure node updates released. The update includes: Enhanced connection testing, Cert exception threshold and more.  


Regional Updates: 

  • Latin America
  • Central Europe
    • ZEN listed at a kart racing shop and a go-kart racing track in Southern France. Look out for the team racing around at our meetup on August 3rd!
    • Italian team participated in several major blockchain events including two Blockchain Observatory forums, Zcon1, and Blockchain Workshop for ABB
  • Eastern Europe – Country Lead, Vano Narimanidze, held a Horizen meetup and attended some well-known events including Dell Technologies Forum and Digital Hot Tbilisi Conference. The team was also interviewed for Usbek & Rica, a French magazine

June Livestream Slides

Next Monthly Livestream is August 7th at 1PM EST/5PM UTC.

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