Horizen Node Tracking System Maintenance

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The Super Node and Secure Node Tracking and Payment Systems will be undergoing a system-wide update to their database servers.

The web servers and the node servers will be put intoservice mode while the database servers are being updated. The systems will be unavailable for an extended period.

Important Information

Node operators: Node operators do not have to take any action. Nodes will connect to a temporary server during the service window and then reconnect to their home server when the servers are back online. There is no need to move homes during the service period.

Earnings: There will be no impact on reward earnings. Any new downtime or exception due to the service will be excluded from earning calculations.

Duration: The systems may be in service mode from 8 to 24 hours.

When: The service period will take place on the weekend of May 25th.

New Nodes: Registering a new node will not be available during the service period.

For nodes running automated scripts: Any request from a node while in service mode will be ignored. The only response to the node is an acknowledgment for a statCheck. If possible, please suspend automated requests during the service period and allow the servers to generate tasks such as challenges.

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