Citowise Launches First Platform That Lets Users Acquire A Company With Bitcoin

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After much testing and hard work, Citowise is
announcing the first stage of their new platform –

With this solution, everyone can acquire a
ready-made company with a crypto-friendly bank account in 4 jurisdictions:
England, Cyprus, Marshall Islands, and Northern Ireland.

This package deal can be purchased with
bitcoin, and within minutes users are 2 steps away from legally establishing
financial ownership. Physical documents are sent directly to users to sign.

“The entire process is done remotely and
with your convenience in mind. We are very excited to see how this opportunity
changes the way companies are bought and sold.” Aleksandr Kents, Founder
of Citowise.

Citowise is starting off with England, Cyprus,
Marshall Islands, and Northern Ireland as they cover a significant market
share. The pain point of having to fly to another country to set up a business
or open a new company, in addition to language barriers and legal issues is all,
by design, solved with the platform.

Users are able to pay for the service in
bitcoin, making the dream of conducting business with cryptocurrency a reality.
A user’s most valuable asset, their time, is at the core of the platform. It is
designed to be as simple as buying anything else as online. A few clicks to
check out and done.

A breakdown of the service is as follows:

Step 1: The user chooses the jurisdiction that suits them best. Each
country will have its own advantages and disadvantages for each endeavor.

Step 2: Users make a selection and pay for the reservation in
cryptocurrency. They will then begin the KYC procedures, and that’s it.

When all the documents are verified and
confirmed, users will be notified, and the documents will be sent to your
specified address.


Users are given the opportunity to save money
on local and global transfers by using crypto-friendly bank accounts.

Your own EUR IBAN Account

Users will have access to their own EUR IBAN
account under an individual or legal name to receive and send money. In the
future, Citowise plans on expanding to 30 countries.

All of this will be done by the end of 2019 with the anticipation of many new and interesting solutions to bring to the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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