IOTA to Perform a Live Demonstration at the UK Parliament to Highlight Blockchain Uses

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Early next week, that is on March 12th, IOTA will be giving a live demonstration at the UK parliament as shared by one of the attendants.

The event will be showcasing four leading blockchain companies that will be present at the Parliament and will have a live demonstration of their applications in blockchain technology and its impact on different industries.

These projects involve IOTA, the fourteenth largest blockchain in the world for global trade. Other parties involve Oracle for Retail, Everledger for Diamond Supply Chain and Lloyd’s of London, on behalf of the London Market Target Operating Model (LMTOM) program for insurance, claims, and transaction settlement.

Establishing IOTA As The Main Currency For Machines

IOTA that was designed to become the “global standard for IoT messaging and payments,” is constantly working on them though Qubic that follows that standard further made possible by free transactions.

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Post source: IOTA to Perform a Live Demonstration at the UK Parliament to Highlight Blockchain Uses

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