ZenHelp Launches Spanish Support

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ZenHelp is a customer service platform that launched in April 2018. The extension of Horizen Helpdesk into Spanish allows our team to provide 24/7 service to our Latin American community. We are experiencing enormous growth in Latin America, and the region continues to be a key market for Horizen’s products and services.

In the past, our Latin American community needed support in the following topics:

  • Technical support with wallets
  • Issue resolution for secure nodes and Super Nodes
  • Understanding white papers

Now ZenHelp will offer user 24/7 support in Spanish to address these topics and many other issues.

Our Services

You can contact our helpdesk and request assistance directly from the Horizen team regarding the following topics:

  • Questions and assistance about Horizen services and products.
  • Technical problems
  • To provide inputs for improvements to our products
  • Claims for payments of Secure Nodes and Super Nodes
  • Assistance in setting up nodes
  • Respond to other question

In addition to standing up ZenHelp, we are constantly working to offer more documentation in Spanish. We are working to deliver Spanish guides for node set-up, as well as translating Horizen Academy into Spanish. Horizen Academy will provide all of our users with knowledge about blockchain and privacy. 

More Than Just A Helpdesk

Our Latin American team is making waves. We have several ongoing efforts in the region including:

  • Creating alliances with charitable organizations to help the Venezuelan refugees
  • Educating new users in cryptocurrency usage
  • Getting involved with people directly and monthly through meetups in Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil and soon Argentina and Chile.

Visit ZenHelp

We love our Latin American community and we thank you for your support!

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