What Bitcoin Did #63 Crypto Journalism With The Block’s Mike Dudas

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‘œThese types of markets attract the worst types of people.’

‘” Mike Dudas

Interview location: Skype

Interview date: Tuesday 18th Dec, 2018

Company: The Block

Role: Founder & CEO

Crypto journalism has a questionable past, from mainstream media misreporting on Bitcoin with sensationalist headlines to crypto specific publications exposed as accepting payment for positive stories.

With so many people losing money to scams and poor projects, it is often difficult to find the truth behind some crypto projects. The Block has changed the game with their no-nonsense, hard-hitting reporting and in-depth analysis.

In this interview, I talk with their founder and CEO, Mike Dudas. We discuss how The Block came to be, their strategy for growth, future monetization, conflict of interests in crypto media and we also talk about personal mental health issues.

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