Horizen Listed on Anypay – ZEN is Accepted by 200+ Retailers in the US!

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The Horizen team is determined to increase the usability of ZEN in people’s daily life. Today we are proud to announce our integration with AnyPay, a Point-of-Sale software used by over 200 retailers in the USA.

Starting today, ZEN will be an accepted form of payment at all of AnyPay’s locations.  AnyPay clients include yoga studios, juice bars, restaurants, breweries, clothing stores, and even theaters.

ANYPAY denominates invoices in 168 different fiat currencies,  and merchants can use Anyway to process online payments at long distance!

AnyPay’s founder, Steven Zeiler, stated

I am keenly interested in promoting crypto in my community and around the world, in order to increase wealth and prosperity for everyone. Over the past five years, I have set up hundreds of people and dozens of businesses with Bitcoin wallets and taught them to use cryptocurrency.

Steven is an entrepreneur and software developer. His experiences include leading the engineering team that developed Ripple’s first peer-to-peer banking software application.

Do you know that you can even get paid for setting up new brick-and-mortar businesses with Anypay?  We’re excited to be a part of AnyPay’s growing community! If you own a retail business and would like to accept ZEN along with other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, we encourage you to give Anypay a try!  

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