HashByte’s New Renewable Powered Mining, Tackling the Industries Greatest Downfall and Pulling in Huge Profits!

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For HashByte, a new renewable energy powered cloud-mining service, the last few weeks have been huge. With investors lining up to get into what has become one of the hottest new services currently online. So what exactly is it that is making HashByte so popular? How can potential investors get involved, and what are some options to make a bit of free cash off this new giant in the industry?

What is HashByte?

 HashByte is a new renewable energy powered cloud-mining service that allows its clients to invest in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum mining contracts with a clear conscious. For HashByte, knowing they aren’t contributing to fossil fuel emissions allows them and their investors to have a clean mind whilst earning big bucks, from relatively inexpensive contracts. HashByte utilizes 250W solar panels that fuel the entirety of there mining facilities, as well as lease contracts with private wind turbine owners throughout Europe, allowing them to offer clean year-long contracts, with no maintenance or electricity costs attached.

Why Choose HashByte? 

With contracts selling for as low as $0.50 for 10GH/s, it is hard not to want to get involved. When asked, HashByte said they don’t know how long they will be able to sustain such low contract prices, but encourages those that are wanting to get involved in their highly profitable company to jump in quick. And with contracts selling as quickly as over $50,000 a day, it might not be long before they are all sold out.

For a limited time, HashByte has also lowered their minimum investment from $150 to $50, allowing more people to get involved.

How Do I Get Started?

To start investing in cloud mining with HashByte, first navigate to their website. From there, users can create an account and deposit the currency of their choice into the available contracts. From there the users newly leased miners will instantly fire up and they start earning straight away. HashByte pays out daily to all of its investors, sending payouts directly into their HashByte account to either be reinvested or withdrawn upon reaching the minimum threshold.

What Other Options Do Investors Have?

HashByte also offers a highly lucrative bounty program, encouraging users to share, promote and garner referrals on the platform. For those who have large cryptocurrency based followings, HashByte is offering free contracts up to $3,000 for the year, in the currency of their choice. For others, simply sharing a video about HashByte, this article or anything HashByte related could score them a free contract or if not that, 10% off any investment up to $100,000.

Media Contact

Contact Name: James Edwin

Company Email: contact@hashbyte.io

Telegram Contact: hashbyte_campaign

Company Location: Perth, Australia

Images courtesy of HashByte

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