3D-Token Launches ICO – Etherical Invests in 3DT

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Turin, Italy – 3D-Token, which is running on the back of an already existing business (Politronica Srl) have launched their Initial Coin Offering in one of the most exciting and dynamic spaces on the Internet. Just-in-time manufacturing has been revolutionizing the corporate world for many years, but now the possibilities of advanced 3D printing technology are unlocking new markets and bringing infinite possibilities of creation to empower the people.

Speaking about 3D-Token, Etherical advisor Steve Outtrim said:

Building on a world-renowned tradition of Italian design and craftsmanship, 3D-TokenPolitronica’s CEO Alessandro Chiolerio (who has research experiences at NASA among others) and his team have come up with a grand vision that will make the whole world more creative. There is a real depth to the underlying technology, including nanotech patents and collaborations in fields like aerospace and electromagnetism. At this early stage we were able to participate in their Coin offering at a particularly attractive price that fits Etherical’s motto of buy low, sell high. The potential option for token holders to receive publicly traded shares in the future mitigates risk and provides additional upside, which is a win-win.

3D-Token Founder and CEO Alessandro Chiolerio also remarked:

Our project is all about THE JUST-IN-TIME FACTORY 4.0, building a blockchain managed network of thousands of 3D-printers, creating a revolutionary new concept of small to medium scale just-in-time digital manufacturing. Appling this Network Robots’ Workforce we will be able to give birth to thousands of innovating manufacturing projects disrupting the traditional industry standards on time-to-market and product cost. We would like to thank Etherical for their enthusiastic support of our vision. We have a world class team of people who are determined to make the biggest success possible. Our business has been running since 2009 and has won numerous awards, our technology has already been proven and this token sale is an opportunity for us to implement a global rollout of our vision.

About 3D-Token ICO (Token: 3DT)

3D-Token is running on the back of Politronica, which was launched as a spin-off Company of the Italian Institute of Technology of Turin, Italy. Politronica took part in many National and UE Research Projects, with a budget of more than 2.5 Million Euros. It employs 15 professionals, 50% of them in R&D.

The 3D-Token sale is open now with a +50% purchase bonus. For more information, please visit https://3d-token.com.

About Etherical (Token: ZEA)

Etherical.io is a pre-ICO token fund. Etherical buys into new coin offerings at the earliest possible stage, to get the best possible prices and the most potential for gains. Etherical pays back half the net gains to ZEA token holders and reapplies the other half into new tokens. Etherical’s token pre-sale is open now with a +20% purchase bonus. For more information, please visit https://etherical.io or connect with them on Twitter (@ethericalio).

Images courtesy of 3D-Token

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