EOS Price Fails to Reclaim $15 but Bullish Momentum Remains in Place

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After a somewhat excitable day across all cryptocurrency markets yesterday, things are down to their old habits. We see small to big retraces for all major cryptocurrencies, barring one exception. The EOS price is the only currency in the top 10 which is still in the green as of right now. Thanks to a small 1.48% gain over the past 24 hours, the EOS price remains well above $14 for the time being.

EOS Price Tries to Hang on by a Thread

It is always interesting to see how cryptocurrency markets evolve over time. IN most cases, every other currency will remain linked to Bitcoin first and foremost, and it seems that situation will not change anytime soon. In fact, we see all cryptocurrencies love value for the past few hours thanks to yet another Bitcoin price dip. The world’s leading cryptocurrency has become somewhat of a bore in this regard.

One exception right now is the EOS price, which is still up by as much as 1.08%. This represents a small USD increase, even though the altcoin has also noted a 4.5% gain over Bitcoin and a 2.69% gain over Ethereum. Solid gains all across the board for the EOS price, although reaching $15 will still take a fair amount of time. Right now, the markets are still far too unstable to speak of sustained growth, but things will turn around eventually.

Over the past 24 hours, we have seen the EOS price go as high as $15.6, and as low as $13.2. Such a wild price swing creates exciting opportunities for EOS price speculators. After all, a $2.4 change in value can certainly net a lot of profits in the long run. Especially if this current price dip keeps up for a few more days, there could be some more interesting swings ahead of us.

With almost $3bn worth of 24-hour trading volume, things are looking quite good for EOS. The demand to buy and sell this particular cryptocurrency is certainly in place right now, although it is evident the market can easily go either way in quick succession. Right now, it seems the buying pressure is certainly a lot higher than selling pressure, but nothing has been set in stone whatsoever. Cryptocurrency markets remain highly unpredictable, and that situation will not change anytime soon.

The vast majority of EOS trading volume comes from the Bithumb exchange in South Korea. With this platform generating almost 70% of the trades right now, it is evident the rest of the world is still not too bothered trading this particular altcoin as of right now. Huobi is the second-largest exchange by trading volume, followed closely by Bitfinex. Not much has changed as far as these rankings are concerned, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing whatsoever.

For the time being, it remains to be seen what the future holds for the EOS price. There are no guarantees for future gains whatsoever, but things are still looking pretty good in general. If the momentum keeps up, we may see the EOS price move a bit closer to $15, although finding stable support at that level will prove to be a big challenge. It’s a market well worth keeping an eye on today and the next few days.

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