Evidence Emerges of CNBC Collusion with Roger Ver, BCash

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Mainstream news network CNBC is under intense scrutiny as evidence emerges its senior staff used connections to plug Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

CNBC On BCash Rise: ‘Deal With It’

As Bitcoin prices dropped below $17,000, BCH, which is also known as BCash, suddenly shot up in value on US exchange Coinbase, hitting around $9000.

The average price of 1 BCash coin across major exchanges is now almost $3500, a rise of 45% in 24 hours.

While the events unfolded, CNBC, which had controversially hosted major BCash proponent and Bitcoin critic Roger Ver on its TV network, began broadcasting tweets of a highly suspicious nature compared to its usual tone.

The tweets, according to cryptocurrency commentator WhalePanda among others, were compiled under the auspices of marketing manager Gaby Wasensteiner, whose husband, Paul Wasensteiner, is executive director of the so-called ‘Bitcoin Cash Fund.’

“(Roger Ver) aka Bitcoin Jesus joins us tomorrow to discuss the biggest change to the crypto world since time was invented! Must see TV.. (Bitcoin Cash) is here… deal with it!!” the first such tweet reads from CNBC Fast Money’s official account.

Critical responses received answers including “deal with it” and threats to unfollow those who did not agree with CNBC’s pro-BCash perspective.

BCash’s Wasenstein ‘Took Over’ CNBC Twitter

So unusual is the style and lack of neutrality of the news network’s tweets that cried of foul play are currently echoing through the cryptocurrency community.

“Collusion” between the Wasensteiners and Ver himself is an increasingly conspicuous narrative, with users on Reddit noting Paul Wasensteiner is also the founder of a London BCash meetup.

WhalePanda meanwhile continued the suspicions, arguing it was in fact Paul who orchestrated the CNBC tweets.

“What I’m saying is that her husband is actually tweeting,” he clarified.

The sudden burst of what is known in the cryptocurrency industry as ‘shilling’ – a concerted yet often covert effort to increase or decrease the reputation of a coin or entity – marks a new turn in rival coins’ ability to manipulate broader market sentiment.

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